Ba Na Hills Resort

The Ba Na Hills resort was a big surprise.  Not sure what I was expecting, but a Disney Land type theme park on top of a mountain was not it.  Just getting there was an adventure.  First there was a Gondola ride that was over 3 miles long up a mountain with no visible roads.  Then switching to a second Gondola that was at least another mile. 

 The park itself was built like a medieval French city.  Someone spent a boatload of money on it.  The “City” had many rides, shops, restaurants, and “Other” activities.  We got there around 9:00 AM, and there was almost no one else there.  You would walk up to a ride, and there was no line at all.  By the time we left around 1:00 PM, short lines had begin to form.

There was an interesting roler coaster ride.  You rode your own personal car.  You controlled the break.  Gravity wanted you to go very fast, but your hand on the break determined the speed.  It would be kind to say “I was a whimp”.  

 I was looking over a section of wall taking pictures of the countryside, when I looked over and a wild monkey was on the wall a few feet away.  I took some pictures and videos, but I stepped back a few yards to do so.   LOL  It was a very enjoyable day with lots to do and see.

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