Bai Dinh Buddhist Temple Complex

On the way to Hue we spent several hours at the Bai Dinh Buddhist Pagoda Complex, or what I called the 20,000 step day.  It is an enormous complex and it would take a full day to see it all.  I will simply post a few of pictures and videos I took, but what I remember is a bell the size of a small house, very large statues, 500 statues of monks, and to get to anything required a lot of stares.  The very tall tower was off limits (thankfully) , but the Buddhist statue at the very top required another 300 steps to get there.  (I was the only one that made the attempt)  When I finally got there I got distracted taking pictures at the front and back of the statue.  I was also distracted by a couple taking pictures, and I took pictures for them and they of me.  I was ½ way down those 300 steps when I realized I had forgot to take a picture of the Buddha.  I took one look back up those stairs and said this will have to do.  I had had enough staires..

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