Phan Rang - Picnic - Boat ride - Little boat and Birthday party

My wife is actually from a small village just north of Phan Rang.  We spent some time shopping in Phan Rang, visiting the beach there  and eating at a great little open street restaurant that night.  We also took a boat ride up the coast and had a freash seafood lunch on a floating restaurant.  The best food, however, was at a beach picnic our nephews took us on.  It was a rocky beach, but a great viewing area.  The guys went diving in the ocean and collected a big basket of sea snails, clams etc, etc.  Cooked over a fire with a spicy diping sauce, washed down by cold beer, along with some beef that was B-B-Q ed- it was great.  We ran into some other interesting folks there including a Vietnamese wedding picture taking party.  They wanted pictures with all of us, but the bride especially wanted a picture with me.  I thought that was slightly unusual, until it happened over and over at different places with many different young girls  I finally determined it was because I was old, had a Budda belly, and was thought to be totally harmless.  

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