Ha Long Bay

After the 20,000 stairs of the Bai Dinh complex I was ready for Ha Long Bay.  After all, how many steps can you have on a boat.  More than I could imagine I found out.  First the boat. The marina had a hundred boats.  They all had great names.  Our boat was the Hoa Binh Junk.  OK, so we were on a Junk.  Great view of the Bay.  So we go to a cave, but we don’t go into the cave.  First you climb up the mountain to the cave entrance.   You wander around this vast and beautiful cave.  Do you exit to find the boat, NO.  You climb more steps up to the cave exit, and then steps down to the boat.  After exploring other parts of the Bay, we have a great lunch on the boat.  It has been a great day, but it is only noon.  We now go to visit the Yen Tu Mountains.  

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