Saigon and Vung Tau

After a sad departure from Phang Rang, we returned to Saigon.  After a day of rest and meandering around Saigon, we took a day trip to Vung Tau.  During my 3 years in Vietnam, I never made it to Vung Tau even though it was a resort city even then.  No, they were always sending me to “Other” places, - that were definately NOT resort cities. 

In all the other cities we visited, there was not a trace of our large communications systems that had once been so obvious.   In the Tropo systems I worked on,  each link had two 120 X 60 foot antennas.  Take 6-8 of these antennas and put them on a mountain above your town and they are noticed.  In all the cities we visited, I looked for them, and they were completely gone, -except for Vung Tau.  Of the 6 antennas once there, one was still standing.  Not in use of course, but still standing.  I have no idea why, but there it was. 

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