The  beers of Vietnam

Vietnam is hot.  It is also very humid.  Did I mention it is very hot?  For tourist not used to the heat, one way to survive is to drink beer; lots of cold beer.  For the month I was there I drank a lot of beer.  Charlie is not a beer drinker, but in Vietnam, he drank a lot of beer….

I kinda made an attempt to take a picture of each beer we drank.  I may have missed one or two, but the pictures below cover almost all of them.  I will rank the beers from 1 to 6 with 1 the best..

1.  Heineken and Becks   These are both imported beers.  Heineken can be found almost everywhere, but Becks I only saw once.

2.  Huda, 333, Saigon, all good beers found mainly in the South

3.  Beer Laure and Tiger beer.  In 1975 it was one beer, and I still think it is made by 1 brewery

4.  Mien Trung, Thanh Hoa, Dung Quat.  I think these were all made by the Saigon beer brewery, but they were given the name of a local city for sell there ??

5.  Zorok  It was a bit light for me, kind of a Miller Light , or almost beer!

6.  Ha Noi beer.  Up North it was the beer sold everywhere.  There was no Hops flavor at all, and the malt flavor was almost sweet.  I did not like the beer,  but in the time I spent up North, I sure drank a lot.

7.  Russian beer.  I saw this beer in a display case in Saigon.  I took a picture, but I did not buy or taste it.  I should have, but I did not!

The price of beer.

At a gas station on the road, beer 333 was 10,000 Dong or $ .45 American.  Heineken would be $.55

At a hotel, 333 would be .90 cents

At a up scale bar, 333 would be $1.57

At the 5 star famous REX hotel in Saigon beer 333 cost me 140,000 Dong or $6.2

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