Yen Tu Mountain 

There is a lot of stuff on Yen Tu Mountain, but the portion we visited was associated with a monument to the King “Tran Hhan Tong.”  This King reigned from 1258 to 1308.  He is famous for defeating   2 invasions from Mongol armies when he was only 35.  After his victories he gave up his kingdom to become a full time Buddhist Monk.  Not many Kings do that…. 

 The thing I liked best about visiting his temple is we take a Gondola to the temple – GREAT!!  Except it doesn’t go all the way to the temple.  To get to the temple you gotta go up more steps;  a lot more steps, as in more and more and more…So many that only me and a couple of others made it.  The view from the temple complex was fantastic.  So after a very long day we arrive in Hanoi for dinner,  and the restaurant is on the second floor, reachable by a long flight of steps.  So after that we go to our hotel and to reach the first floor there is – a long flight of steps……

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