Phong Nha River Cave System

There is a river that crosses from Laos to Vietnam by going under a mountain.  We went on a small boat into the cave system created by the river.  It was several miles from the boat landing to the caves through beautiful country.  Once in the caves, the boat motor was turned off and all power was provided by the crew using long oars.  In our case the crew consisted of two women, therefore, an all girl power source.  Part of the cave system was narrow and low, but most of it was very wide with extremely high ceiling.    The pictures and movies  I took do not portray how beautiful it was.  I have included a lot of pictures here. The girls rowed the boat using long oars, but the oars never left the water like you see on a Viking boat for example.  Not sure how it worked, but it did.  

We had a great time.



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